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Vadweb 2.0, now hundreds of times faster

Using the latest technologies delivered by MySQL 5.5.41+ and PHP 5.6.7+, Vadweb loads files at blazing speeds, even when calculating and sorting through complex permission settings.

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Share your files and images securely

Have you needed to send your friend a picture, but only to find its larger than 25 megabytes? Have you wanted to send your friend a video, but are too lazy to upload it to YouTube, or want to share in true high definition? Have you wanted to share a file with your grandmother to help her install or configure her computer? Whether for family needs or for expressing yourself to the entire internet, VadWeb answers all of your legal file sharing needs.

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Featuring more AWESOME

Finer user account control, profile pictures, and an advanced commenting/voting system permit you to have a pinnacle experience as you interact with others.

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